Promoting National Inclusive Dialogue

Our Country continues to go through a very challenging period. We have been experiencing socio-economic and political challenges for a very long time.

The Situation has now become very desperate

The people mostly all have their entrenched positions for self-preservation. We however, have failed and continue to fail because we consistently prioritise self-Interest ahead of national interest

Unfortunately, we are now broken and cannot continue pretending that it is business as usual. We therefore appeal to every Zimbabwean for once in history to make the sacrificial choice to put Zimbabwe first.

We wish to appeal to President Mnangagwa and Zanu PF, Advocate Chamisa and the MDC Alliance, and to all the other politicians; that power can no longer be the priority on the back of this crippling tsunami of national retrogression. We appeal that public service and national interest must now take centre stage.

We wish to appeal to the Church Leaders that self-interest cannot be the custom in the Church. We appeal that the Church be restored to the headship of Jesus Christ and that true brotherly love, good governance and righteousness must become the new custom

We appeal to all traditional leaders to return to the true customary leadership role of the impartial administration of justice in our villages and communities. Traditional and Community leaders must be the embodiment and true face and example of national interest

We all need to rediscover our true cultural identity; that which will promote harmony and community cohesion and put our beautiful Zimbabwe on a sustainable development trajectory

Yes indeed, we wish to appeal to the army and the security sector to put Zimbabwe First and to promote and safeguard the advancement of a radical agenda of national development

We humbly remind you CDF Sibanda and the security sector of the many sacrifices made by many Zimbabweans during the armed struggle against the promise of shared prosperity. This promise remains illusive forty years after Independence amidst chronic poverty and destitution.

We believe, that you are capable to facilitate and negotiate the necessary renewal needed to transform our nation. We hereby appeal to your humanity, compassion and patriotism; to put Zimbabwe first and make the sacrificial choices that makes possible peace, justice and shared prosperity for all Zimbabweans

We also appeal to all Zimbabweans and our friends across the globe not to remain spectators and commentators from the side-lines. Each of us must become an active participant in the peace building and renewal process

Let us all pray for peace and renewal in our Zimbabwe. Let us Pray for President Mnangagwa and the other political leaders to receive wisdom from above to direct the nation towards truth, justice, national healing and renewal.

Let us also pray for CDF Sibanda and the security sector to stand up for a non-partisan and professional security sector which puts Zimbabwe first. May the Lord grant them wisdom to promote and safeguard empowerment to all citizens

Let us also pray for the Church leaders to return the Church to the headship of Jesus Christ and allow effective team leadership and five-fold ministry gifts to operate freely in the church for proper equipping of the saints and moral development of society. The Church as a public institution must be the best model of good corporate governance and servant leadership.

Our biggest challenge in Zimbabwe is us the people, our deceitfulness, propaganda and dishonesty to each other; the endemic corruption and bad stewardship across society; our individualism or chronic self-interest; Our lack of a shared vision, cultural identity crisis and hero worshipping of leaders, all these contributing to the dysfunctional and broken social order of today.

In order to heal from this brokenness; this is not a season for retribution or to continue with cheap political slogans; neither is it a season to continue hero worshipping leaders and by so doing perpetuate this current brokenness.

This is a season to be truthful and honest with each other, a season to take collective responsibility for the past and present, forgive each other for past wrongs and a season to reconcile and renew our Country and for radical cultural transformation.


‘Zimbabwe’s Season of National Reconciliation and Renewal; shifting our    mindsets to think differently and act together positively for a better nation’


Zimbabwe National Reconciliation Alliance – ZiNRA


Siyabonga; Thank You!