Our Approach

We believe that restorative justice is best and the most appropriate for Zimbabwe as it will enable truthful and substantive inclusive dialogue and negotiation towards an amicable way-forward for the nation coupled with progressive nation building.

Our number one priority as Zimbabweans is for all people to converge and together find sustainable solutions to our chronic problems which have put our nation on a retrogressive path for a long time. Blaming each other (in this current Zimbabwean context) will create a them and us class divide which will reinforce the circle of fear thereby perpetuating the circle of violence.

The three-stage process for renewal requires that first; – we all acknowledge our challenges and take collective responsibility for today’s Zimbabwe, second; – we all go through a process of introspection, repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation guided by the truth, and third; – We end our reliance on other nations and work together, to underwrite a new script for our dream Zimbabwe through inclusive dialogue and negotiation.

We will then take our draft plans to the negotiating table in partnership with similar platforms to negotiate with the government of the day for their adoption and implementation. Let us all join and participate in this national reconciliation and renewal campaign and add our voices and resources towards a new Zimbabwe.