Zimbabwe National Reconciliation & Renewal

The Road Map

  1. Confession and Acknowledgement by us the citizens, of our cultural brokenness (fragmentation and or individualism, cultural identity crisis, deception, and endemic corruption)  AND broken political system; and taking collective responsibility of this reality (current – ongoing)


  1. The people (the forerunners and pioneering remnant) take a position for a reset (Fresh Start) through a national reconciliation and renewal inclusive dialogue campaign process (current – ongoing)


  1. Grassroots mobilization and advocacy for national convergence and inclusive participation in national reconciliation and renewal campaign work (October 2023 – March 2024)


  1. Resource Mobilization (Ongoing)


  1. Accelerated dialogue/discussions on the necessary reforms or resolutions/blueprint towards national reconciliation and renewal (April – June 2024)


  1. Development of a national transitioning strategic plan from the current broken social order to the new envisioned nation (April – June 2024)


  1. Accelerated Resource Mobilization (July 2024 – going forward)


  1. Convene a national dialogue conference to formally agree and adopt the final reforms and dialogue resolutions, renewal blueprint, and transitional strategic plan (September 2024)


  1. Engage the Government of the day for a negotiated settlement (October –December 2024)


  1. Implementation of the outcomes of the negotiated settlement (January – June 2025)