Community Cohesion & Development

Fragmentation, individualism and corruption are the main dominant nature of present-day society coupled with issues of nepotism, tribalism and racism.

This society needs radical reformation and renewal to promote and foster peaceful co-existence and harmony, collaboration and meritocracy; Oneness and or Ubuntu. For this renewal process to succeed, we have to be strategic and deliberate. It will take hard work and a substantial investment to transform present-day society to become united, creative, and progressive.

This campaign for community transformation and development will comprise the following activities;

  • Building shared community infrastructure on a need basis such as Community centres for training workshops, social community meetings and sports and recreation activities
  • Drilling and installing community boreholes on a need basis in strategic central places for the provision of clean water
  • Resourcing existing clinics and health centres with medical supplies and or building new clinics and health centres to provide healthcare services to members of the community
  • Teaching and promoting responsible citizenship, civic participation and shared responsibility over community / national assets and community / national development
  • Fostering through training and community engagement proactive peace building and or conflict resolution to build sustainable community cohesion and harmony.
  • Promoting Ubuntu (Oneness), meritocracy and naturing talent and development of change and transformation champions to lead the renewal processĀ 

This campaign requires significant resourcing, planning and training. Kindly assist by donating generously to make national renewal and the healing of present-day society a reality!