Education & Youth Empowerment

It is our corporate duty as parents and citizens, to develop an education system and curriculum that is both suitable and adequate for our children and young people. This will ensure that they are competitive and fully equipped for the 21st century challenges

There is need for us to put together a detailed and accurate historical narrative of our past and incorporate this into the school’s curriculum so that the young people are enlightened and taught the lessons of history so that they fully understand their situation and where they come from.

We should also endeavour to build or maintain a high standard of academic performance across our public schools.  Our approach to education must be corporate and be consistent with the principles of Ubuntu or Nationhood. Hence, the objective here is the empowerment of the whole, rather than some parts of society such as the privileged segments. It is therefore our shared / corporate responsibility to ensure that young people as a whole are properly empowered.

This campaign program shall incorporate the following activities;

  • Development of a cultural research centre to put together an authentic cultural and historical database on key national themes in partnership with parliament and the ministry of education towards fostering a shared cultural identity and nationhood. 
  • Develop and implement a scholarship program to support the very talented especially from poor backgrounds to get an opportunity to get a good education, develop and nature their talents to the full for the common good of the nation.
  • Develop and implement or promote a student exchange program working in partnership with Universitates and institutions both in the region and across the developed world.
  • Identify resources and build pioneering high schools to champion Academic excellence, Sports and recreation, cultural development and moral integrity

It is important that the young people receive a balanced high standard of empowerment or development. This requires us to combine forces and work together to develop a system or framework that is robust, fair and sustainable.

Partner with us today and together let us impower the next generation!