Diaspora Integration

Many Zimbabweans for either political or economic reasons left and continue to leave Zimbabwe for various diaspora destinations. These people have mostly settled in South Africa, the United Kingdom, North America, Europe and Australia amongst other countries or regions.

This campaign seeks to integrate, connect or network all these Zimbabwean Citizens living in the Diaspora to create a life line for support and synergy of ideas and resources to make possible collaboration and a united front on national issues and initiatives.

This integration process will not be easy, given the present dominant cultural nature of fragmentation, individualism and competitiveness. We all need mindset and behavioural renewal because this present cultural disposition has been our greatest undoing. The children of the soil must unite and work together (Ubuntu) as a united front or unified force.

This campaign is underpinned by the following program activities;

  • SafeNet and Support; the Virtual Nation. Zimbabweans are Zimbabweans and or children of the soil regardless of their present geographical location on the globe. We are one of many and this sense of belonging and oneness must be fostered and natured. This program has a particular focus on supporting fellow Zimbabweans who are going through a weak and vulnerable period in the diaspora.
  • Networking or Connection; this program seeks to create the virtual platform where Zimbabweans connect and share information regarding immigration, education / training scholarships and or employment opportunities
  • Crowd Funding; to pool resources together in order to support peace building, national development and major capital Investment projects back on the homeland. The Zimbabwean Diaspora must be the main investor to build economic progress back home; and the only way to achieve large investments is for us to pool our resources together.
  • Pooling Talent and Expertise; Talented and experienced people from different fields must come together to share ideas and develop blueprints to support development in Zimbabwe primarily on a volunteering basis as part of our patriotic duty to build our nation

This is the season for us to climb down from terraces where we have watched others play the game of Zimbabwe. We must now climb down from chat platforms or opposition activism where we have been experts at commentary and criticism whilst we ourselves have done nothing to build or change the narrative of Zimbabwe.

Now is the time for us all to become the main participants in the game of building our nation. We can do it; we must do it and now is the time to so

Be the change you wish to see in others and take action below!