Our Definition of Reconciliation

Reconciliation is the process of re-establishing our true cultural identity and or systems that define us as Zimbabweans or which we are using as a people coupled with the process of repairing/mending our broken relationships as a result of past wrongs towards a clear national identity, national cohesion and sustainable peace and harmony.

In the context of Zimbabwe, we need cultural clarity in terms of our shared values and principles that define us. We also need to agree on a shared vision and the strategies/ systems by which this vision can be realised. We must remove through this reconciliation process all the contradictions inherent in today’s dysfunctional social order.

We cannot talk about Independence without a shared understanding and definition of Independence, this is a contradiction. We cannot talk about democracy without clarity of the democratic tenets and a shared commitment to the same, an agreed /shared electoral system and credible independent institutions. We cannot talk about constitutionalism when the majority whole sections of the constitution are ignored at the convenience of those in leadership positions. These contradictions can only be negotiated out through a substantive restorative reconciliation process

In order for our nation to be properly established for sustainable development, we need to establish a firm foundation on the principles of truth and justice. We need to reconcile our talk (rhetoric) to match our walk (actions) and our Constitution, shared vision and values.

This is also a season of renewal. The renewal of our mindsets and the renewal of our values. Presently we mostly have boss leaders across the entire spectrum of society, coupled with the dominant principles of deception, self-centredness and injustice. These largely account for our retrogression and chronic poverty.

We need a total paradigm shift in our mindset, values and principles. Instead of Boss Leaders, we need servant leaders who have no rights and privileges. Mentors, role models and value champions who will walk the talk and show the way and a society driven by the values and principles of truth, justice and love of neighbour.