Nationhood & Institutional Development

Our cultural heritage has layers of challenges, some of which can be traced back to our pre-colonial subsistence society, whilst our other cultural traits stem from the divide and rule tactics of the colonial era which compounded our loss of cultural identity.

Against this backdrop, we inherited at independence, a nation / state and system that had been developed by the settler administration; one which mirrored the culture and social development stage of their home country, Great Britain.There is need to setup a clear foundational base where nationhood is fundamental and central. The principle of nationhood is consistent with the principles of Ubuntu, patriotism or the love of neighbour 

Present day Zimbabwean society is fragmented and individualistic in a society with broken institutions. The challenge therefore is how to reform or transform this otherwise broken social order to create an inclusive, law abiding, progressive, just and prosperous civilisation.

This is the challenge and objective of this campaign and will be supported by the following program activities;

  • Advocacy with government and parliamentarians for major reforms towards better performance, better and credible merit driven staffing and better autonomy of present-day public institutions including impartial application of the rule of law
  • Promoting civic or grassroots participation through advocacy or lobbying the Government, traditional Chiefs and Parliamentarians on effective devolution of power to provinces and or city councils and communities
  • Develop Effective Public Institutions in partnership with consultants, technocrats or strategic partners from the developed world; then lobby parliamentarians and negotiate with the government of the day for adoption and or implementation
  • Develop learning content for nationhood, public institutions and institutional development in partnership with the ministry of education which must be incorporated into the education curriculum to ensure proper education or training of these core values across all young people. Use the same learning content for training workshops amongst older adults prioritising public officers / workers and or community and traditional leaders
  • Develop and implement a whistle blowing system / mechanism to name and shame corrupt or incompetent public officials and lobby / push for their dismissal.

It is the collective responsibility of us Zimbabweans to build our nation. We do welcome and are grateful for the support we can get from our friends and partners in the international community. 

However, lets us the people and children of the soil take ownership of this nation building campaign by participating and contributing towards this great cause!