Campaign Summary

Every generation throughout history has had periods of great challenge and adversity. However, the people’s ability to collaborate as a unified force has always made the biggest difference.

The last four decades for Zimbabwe have largely been a period of great adversity;

  • The armed struggle was fought for a better system of inclusivity, multiracial harmony and shared prosperity; unfortunately, all this is yet to be realised.
  • It would seem most evidently that the agenda was hijacked amidst a very poor Independence transition and changed to a power grab or regime change scenario with a priority of obtaining and consolidating absolute power and the subjugation of masses thereafter.
  • Four decades have come and gone; yet the main conversation regarding a shared vision of how best to configure and constitute the new independent republic is yet to be tabled and agreed. 
  • We have since derailed from the path of progress and we are now much further away from the ideals of inclusivity and shared prosperity than we were at Independence.
  • Routine elections in the absence of credible institutions to adjudicate them has proved to be an exercise in futility or insanity on our part. The system is completely broken and Inclusive dialogue towards a negotiated settlement is the most pragmatic way out this brokenness.  

This season provides us the opportunity for National Convergence for Inclusive Dialogue from across all sectors and segments of society; to talk and agree a shared vision and a shared system and cultural identity; reconcile our differences and inherent societal contradictions and mend our broken relationships towards national renewal; through a negotiated settlement.

We invite you all to indulge with, and participate in this inclusive dialogue process which this ZiNRA platform is hosting. Let your voice be heard for your own good and the common good of our nation