Who We Are

ZiNRA is a broad platform for national reconciliation, national renewal, and sustainable nation-building through inclusive dialogue and civic participation.

ZiNRA believes that we are currently experiencing perpetual retrogression because of the present dysfunctional social order. There is generally very little co-relationship between what we say and what we do. On paper we are a constitutional democracy but in reality, we have political violence amongst many other challenges and contradictions. Because of these contradictions and challenges, we are not able to deliver credible elections or embark on sustainable nation-building.

ZiNRA believes it is a corporate responsibility by Zimbabweans to fix Zimbabwe and hence the opportunity is now for the national convergence of all citizens for inclusive dialogue and negotiation to find sustainable solutions and the amicable way-forward for our country.

Society needs to reconcile and heal from the chronic effects of political violence and intolerance. Through inclusive dialogue and negotiation, we need to agree on a new socio-economic and political system that incorporates our development stage as Africans including our Bantu patriarchal cultural heritage. A system that ensures justice for all and promotes sustainable nation-building.

Our Vision

ZiNRA envisions Truth and Justice becoming the dominant subculture of Zimbabwe. Our God-given natural resources in their abundance must be reflected by the shared prosperity and continuously improving livelihoods across the entire nation.

We envision an educated, civilized, harmonious, patriotic, productive, merit driven and law-abiding society who are compassionate for their weak and vulnerable. We envision One Zimbabwe, one people, and One Nation; a unified hard-working, and self-reliant people with racial, tribal, and political tolerance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish peace, reconciliation, tolerance integration, and sustainable nation-building through inclusive dialogue, negotiation, forgiveness, and inspiration.