Who we are

ZiNRA is a broad civic apolitical platform for national reconciliation, national renewal, and sustainable nation-building through inclusive dialogue and civic participation. This all-inclusive platform seeks to mobilize Zimbabweans from all walks of life towards a united front against endemic corruption and all the other main social ills and contradictions bedeviling our nation for the purpose of unification and national renewal

Our Zimbabwean main narrative is of a people plagued with endemic corruption. There is corruption, dishonesty, and self-centeredness across the entire spectrum of society. Our Traditional and Christian values are disappearing fast; the village or community no longer raises a child; poor leadership and bad stewardship are endemic; talk about politicization and plunder of public institutions and national resources; but even worse (Idolatry) instead of worshipping God, most worship is now to the Pastor/ Man of God.

This has largely contributed to the retrogression and poverty of the nation. As such we need to first acknowledge this reality and adopt a united front in order for us to renew and rebuild our nation. We believe that substantive inclusive dialogue for a negotiated settlement under the principles of truth, restorative justice, and collective responsibility is the best way to obtain an amicable way forward for Zimbabwe.

ZiNRA believes that the success of Zimbabwe’s reconciliation and national healing model depends on the extent to which it is inclusive and consultative of all key stakeholders at all levels of society. Our leaders must recognize that in order for the nation to come to terms with our broken reality; a process of acknowledgment, repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing is required as stepping stones that lead to the building of a viable and substantive Nation

Our Vision

ZiNRA envisions Truth and Justice becoming the dominant subculture of Zimbabwe. Good leadership and stewardship must be reflected by the shared prosperity across the entire nation.

We envision an educated, civilized, harmonious, patriotic, productive, merit driven and law-abiding society who are compassionate for their weak and vulnerable. We envision One Zimbabwe, one people, and One Nation; a unified hard-working, and self-reliant people with racial, tribal, and political tolerance.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to establish national reconciliation, national renewal, normalisation of international relations and sustainable nation-building through inclusive dialogue and civic participation.