Our Ideals


Peace is a state of being that brings spiritual, physical and psychological freedom, human respect and dignity, empowerment, progress, security, and justice to the individual and society in general, uniting people with their principal source of hope for better promises of life, their source of inspiration and pride as equal citizens in our nation.

Chimiro nemaitiro akanakira munhu, mhuri, misha, dunhu, nenyika yose, zvichiratidza rudo, kuzvipira pakusimudzirwa kwemagariro, budiriro nerugare rweveruzhinji.

A balance of love of self, your community and your country and willingness to serve your nation sacrificially; devotion to the welfare and empowerment of one’s fellow countrymen; the ideal that people of different races, tribes or ethnic backgrounds have equal rights to life and hence must co-exist in the same space in harmony. The Ideal that it does not matter whose child you are or who you know, but rather your potential, character and your can-do attitude.  The Ideal that every individual must actively participate in the socio, economic and political process of the country, continually striving for a better livelihood for all including having compassion for the weak and vulnerable.

Servant Leadership is total devotion to giving, serving, guiding, role modeling and taking an initiative to equip and empower others towards the collective development of society coupled with the integrity and reverence required for faithful custody and management of state, public or another’s resources or assets.

We believe that our land and natural resources must be under our control as Zimbabweans. It is our right to govern ourselves and to determine our own destiny.