Supporting the weak & vulnerable

In as much as we must prioritize the development of the national grid and public institutions; we should never forget to lend a helping hand of compassion to the weak and vulnerable amongst us.

These are primarily the disabled, the very elderly, the orphans and widowed including young children (minors) who need protection from abuse. Most of these people are completely forgotten in present day ‘Each man for himself and God for us all’ cultural brokenness; and thus, have been condemned to poverty and destitution. 

The second commandment in the bible teaches us to love our neighbour as ourself; meaning we must work and stand for the common good. In another, the rich young ruler was told to sell his riches and give the proceeds to the poor; in another we must give shelter to the homeless and visit those incarcerated etc. It is pleasing to the Lord when we support the weak and vulnerable. It is the will of God and it is Ubuntu.

This campaign program will be supported by the following activities;

  • Database Development; Develop a community-based database for such people by geographical location.
  • Develop a support and care plan for each category of people in partnership or collaboration with social workers and the ministry of social welfare 
  • Link up orphaned children with prospective foster parents and or support their development and education for proper grooming and empowerment.
  • Endeavour to partner with other donor agencies and strategic partners to develop sustainable support for these people; and develop nursing homes and gated communities with adequate amenities

Let us all be kind and generous to lend a helping hand to the poor and or vulnerable amongst us. Take action now and make a difference in the lives of others!