Churches National Dialogue Reformation and Renewal

Both Christians and non-Christians in Zimbabwe occupy the same space. We are all subject to the same prevailing and ongoing socio-economic and political challenges in this country

  • We all have to navigate the potholes on our broken roads. Our motor vehicles suffer disrepair as a result and many of our people have paid the ultimate price and lost their lives
  • We are all subject to the huge and enormous challenge of very low economic productivity and the resulting chronic unemployment
  • Most of us suffer endless power cuts (load shedding), very erratic or non-existent clean water supplies and very poor health delivery services amongst other social challenges
  • We are all subject to the local currency challenges and the resulting hyper inflation

This is the reality of our country. Everyone is affected in some way, Christian or non-Christian. These challenges have been ongoing for many years now and are getting worse by the day. The question is; How can these challenges be effectively and sustainably resolved?

Is it proper for the populace to sit back and expect politicians to dialogue amongst themselves and resolve these challenges for the country? Lest we forget; politicians have talked at various critical stages in the past and our challenges have only worsened unabated. Takabveyo kumhunga hakunapwa.

So, the questions remain;

  • How can we resolve these challenges?
  • What is the role of ordinary citizens and Christians in the search for peace, justice and sustainable national development?
  • Is it not the Christians/ Church who must stand up and model truth, justice and righteousness in society?
  • Is it not the Church who must provide society with the moral compass?

Zimbabwean society is characterised by deceitfulness, dishonesty, propaganda, endemic corruption, individualism or self-interest, bad stewardship and hero worshipping of leaders. One wishes if these were only the narrative outside the Church; but the truth is, these are even more pronounced in some churches.

Against this reality, it is therefore prudent to prioritise or focus the renewal and reformation campaign with the church as a first step. Our Country is polarised both politically and spiritually as a mirror reflection of the Church. Self Interest and endemic corruption are driving the national agenda as much as it is driving the spiritual agenda.

Our situation requires divine intervention. It thus follows by demand of design that the first step towards the proper resolution of our national crisis is a spiritual revival; the reformation and or renewal of the Church. There is no other way for such a revival except the church lift up concerted, focused, knowledgeable and united intercessory prayer to God, on behalf of the nation.

The light of the Church of Jesus Christ must be fully restored to shine bright from the hill tops and mountain tops. Shine in Love, Unity, Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Good Stewardship and National Interest. The Church as a Godly and public institution must be restored to the headship of Jesus Christ and to its mandate to a lost and perishing world and never as a business project or vocational job for the Man of God.

As surely as no salvation is found in any archbishop, apostle, prophet, pastor or whoever else, no matter how anointed; in as much as none of them died for the people, but Jesus Christ alone 2 Cor 4:5, 1 Cor 1: 10-13. So yes, now is the time to bring down the denominational walls that divide the Church and unify the body of Christ as we pray together for the healing of the land.

Jeremiah 29:7 admonishes us as Christians to seek and pray for the city. Why seek and pray, because out of the peace and prosperity of the city, we as individuals and families shall derive our peace. May the Lord renew our mindsets and help us in this difficult season to understand and embrace the new concept of nationhood. We must begin now in earnest to build together the new nation of Zimbabwe. We must all build the city/ Nation and then the City will take care of everybody

Seek’ means we must work, think outside the box and cooperate together as a community or a people of God to build the national grid which will become the life blood or life line of society. In this season, stepping out to participate, promote or support national inclusive dialogue towards a shared vision is a must for all people. A shared just and inclusive socio-economic, political and governance system. Isaiah 59:14-15, and that can happen as truth is restored.

Because when we sit down and talk as a people and put together a truthful and just inclusive agreement; Matthew 18:18-19 Heaven will bind that agreement and help us with the miracle of implementation

What is prayer in this regard. How do we pray? We must first seek to be honest and truthful in all matters regarding our situation and our past. Armed with the truth and humility, we must repent from all wrongs and wickedness and forgive those who have wronged us and reconcile with God and with each other.

The church leader in the new testament is a servant leader without rights and or privileges according to Matthew 20. It is sad that the Church in this country by and large ignores this truth and prefers the spiritual father/ Man of God/ Moses CEO leadership model which is not supported by scripture.

This practice is widespread and idolatrous. It has resulted in the cancerous hero worshipping of church leaders who have effectively captured the church of Jesus Christ. This model also works against good corporate governance of this sacred Godly public institution. It also results in the current ‘pastor’s appreciation’ corrupt practice, which has destroyed other members of the body of Christ, like the AFM church. These wicked corrupt practises must stop and body of Christ renewed.

In the end we must unite as a body of Christ; work and pray together for the healing and renewal of our land. 2 Chronicles 7:14 and Ephesians 6