The Pathway to Zimbabwe National Renewal

The aspiration, wish and longing for most Zimbabweans is the pursuit of happiness and shared prosperity

We all want to live in a country where every life matters; a country where dignity, security and justice is accorded to every citizen;

We desire a nation of an organised, united, progressive and productive people; with many opportunities for those who choose discipline and hard work, to excel and reach for the sky.

This is the kind of Zimbabwe which we envision; the Zimbabwe which we want. The question is how can we make this country or nation possible? Who is supposed to create this Zimbabwe and take away the reproach and indignity on the many faces of millions of our people?

The present reality and narrative of brokenness seems overwhelming. We are indeed in a valley of dry bones where corruption, bad stewardship, deception and individualism are endemic. The bones are indeed very dry, such that many have lost hope and given up on their kindred and mother country.

Some amongst us, have placed their hope in the International community to fix our problems. Is this not misplaced hope? Which nation on earth was ever built at the charity of the international community? Every nation was built by the sweat and blood of its own citizens and If Zimbabwe is going to be a great nation, Zimbabweans must stand up and build the new envisioned nation together.

If we are going to build this great nation; we need to renew our mindsets and stop burning negative energy. Complaining, grumbling and blaming others are all useless negative energy. Life by its very nature is full of adversity and challenges and we need faith, diligence and courage to overcome. Let us replace this negative energy with intelligent conversations and cooperation towards sustainable solutions.

Zimbabweans need to renew their thinking and put away a victims’ mentality. The truth is we are all core-conspirators and underwriters of today’s brokenness in different ways. The international community does not owe us anything; our present and former leaders do not owe us anything. We are the masters of our own destiny.

In order for us to overcome our challenges and renew our nation;

  1. We need to directly confront our reality today (such as – endemic corruption, bad stewardship, deception and individualism) and acknowledge the true nature of our brokenness.
  2. Revisit our past including our ‘Independence Transition’ to better understand our evolutionary process and the true source of our brokenness
  3. Dialogue and undergo the necessary social reconfiguration or cultural transformation and negotiate the implementation of the national reconciliation and renewal resolutions

Great Zimbabwe in Masvingo is the greatest tangible evidence of the architecture, ingenuity and hard work of our Bantu forbearers. The beautiful royal enclosure; for centuries on end has endured time and elements.

On the other hand, Rhodesia, which we renamed Zimbabwe, did not fall as manner from heaven. It is the creation and work of many people from Cecil Rhodes, the British, the pioneer column and our very own ancestors. Their collective effort, skills, planning and hard work culminated in the creation of a beautiful, organised and modern nation- state which we inherited at Independence

The land that we inherited is now largely broken and in disrepair despite the abundant natural resources inherent.  We have nothing to show for our great weather and climatic conditions whilst Dubai is doing wonders in desert weather conditions. Singapore has done wonders in recent decades despite being a city state without any natural resources; why, because they have an organised people. Rwanda is developing fast; because of good stewardship.

The most important resource for any nation is its citizens. People with strong culture, education and organisation are synonymous with wealth creation and prosperity whilst people with weak culture and organisation are synonymous with poverty and retrogression. Zimbabwe is broken primarily because the people have a very weak or broken cultural identity.

Scripture says ‘And work for the peace and prosperity of the city (Country) where I send you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare. (Jeremiah 29:7 -NLT).

I have said it before but please kindly allow me to say it again; every nation is built by its own citizens; and if Zimbabwe is going to be a great nation, we must all arise and begin national reconstruction. The economy does not come with the investor; we must first build the foundation of the economic system and all the necessary supporting infrastructure.

The key factor for nation building is us the citizens. As the old adage goes garbage in garbage out; the kind of people that we are matters and makes the difference between progress and retrogression. Our cultural reality of individualism, deception, bad stewardship, reliance on the international community and consumerism is the reason for our brokenness.

The real challenge of this season is that of cultural reformation and transformation. We need to create a new Zimbabwean; we need to dialogue and agree a shared vision. We need to answer the difficult questions, agree our core values and foundational principles and sustainable solutions for our challenges; and go on to negotiate their implementation.

The country or city needs to be built yesterday; Healthcare comes from the city; education for our children comes from the city; security and justice comes from the city; Jobs and economic opportunities come from the city; National infrastructure comes from the city; The question is who is building the city? If you and I are not building the city, who is? Are we serious as a people that we should each sit back and leave the future of our children to random chance or the charity of the donor community?

Nationhood is at the heart of shared prosperity. It is at the heart of our cultural heritage; Ubuntu, I am because we are. It is at the heart of the Church. I am a member of the body of Christ; and the believers in the early Church had everything in common. This is the commonwealth that is absent from both the church and the nation of today; the one that we need to build.

If you and I step out to dialogue and agree a new vision and bring that agreement before the Lord and ask him to help us with its implementation, our Father in heaven will do it for us according to the scriptures (Matthew 18:19).


Those of us who are believers, are ambassadors for Christ and God has given us the mandate and ministry of reconciliation; so that through our ministry, people can reconcile with God as we reconcile with one another. Let us therefore now desist from expending negative energy such as complaining and blaming others. Let us now acknowledge and take collective responsibility for our present predicament and together pray and work for national reconciliation and national renewal.

Now is the time and season for national reconciliation and national renewal. Let everyone of us; young and old; rich and poor come out and contribute towards a new Zimbabwe.

  • Every citizen must work for national renewal; join the campaign team and spread the news
  • Every citizen must contribute at least 1USD towards national renewal. Let us do a family/clan census and ensure that we cover each other
  • Every business, organisation and corporate entity must contribute towards national renewal
  • Every Church must have proper prayers during prime services and give towards national reconciliation and national renewal


Help with the campaign; share this message this to others