Peace, National Reconciliation and Renewal Campaign

Peace, National Reconciliation and Renewal Campaign

From the 01st March through to 31ST May 2018 (92 days) we as ZiNRA will spearhead a non-partisan and all-inclusive campaign promoting peace, truth, justice, national reconciliation and renewal in Zimbabwe. Renewal of our mindsets and renewal of our systems. This will be followed by a period of thanksgiving.

This campaign will be anchored mostly on a prayer campaign for peace and God’s divine intervention for peace, Justice and renewal in this transitional season. We will also support this Campaign with Truth promotion and dialogue; we endeavour to provoke and inspire people to embrace Truth.

Campaign Slogan;

“Let us pursue Truth, Justice and Tolerance, the Foundation for Peace and Prosperity”

The Key Objectives of this campaign are:

  1. To Promote Peace and tolerance
  2. To Promote the Convergence of the Church and Christians in praying for peace and a smooth national transition
  3. To promote Truth, Justice and Constitutionalism
  4. To create the Atmosphere for God’s divine intervention towards an amicable way forward for the nation
  5. To trigger and promote the process of national reconciliation (restorative), mindset renewal, systems renewal and cultural transformation.

Whilst our Director, William Chimbetete will lead this campaign, we appeal to every volunteer to commit and participate in this campaign in every way possible so that it can cascade and become a shared campaign by all fellow Zimbabweans.

We also make a special appeal to Church, Community, Traditional, Civic and Political leaders to commit and participate in this campaign for the sake of Christ and towards a new inclusive and sustainable peaceful Zimbabwe.

Activities for this campaign include the following;

  1. Prayer and fasting by all Zimbabweans and friends of Zimbabweans for this campaign.
  2. Be the bearer of good news; Share videos and ZiNRA campaign text messages with others
  3. Reach out to all others; family, friends, the Church, political parties, civic society …etc.
  4. Like the ZiNRA Facebook page and get others to do the same.
  5. Join ZiNRA and make a commitment to this campaign.

It took 52 days for Nehemiah and the people of Israel to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. We believe it will take 92days for us to build a firm foundation to a Brand-New Zimbabwe with the help of God!

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