Zimbabwe Crisis and Brokenness

National Reconciliation – The Crossing Bridge to National Renewal At Independence in 1980, we inherited a nation Julius Nyerere described as a jewel of Africa. We had a robust Industrial economy with a stable local currency which was competitive with the major currencies of the developed nations. Our Agricultural produce was abundant and the best […]

Zimbabwe Reconciliation Message Promo

Greetings, Salibonani, Mhoroi, Kaiwani Mhuri yeZimbabwe. Vana Vevhu. Most of us are fed up and tired of the brokenness and retrogression that characterizes the prevailing narrative of our Zimbabwe. Indeed our Zimbabwe is broken and has become ruins and desolations Greetings, Salibonani, Mhoroi, Kaiwani Mhuri yeZimbabwe. Vana Vevhu. Most of us are fed up and […]

Zimbabwe, our Land Together and the need for peaceful Coexistence

This is an argument for shared ownership and the need for racial and tribal integration. The Matabele/ Ndebele people of Mzilikazi, the Shona people of Munhumutapa and the kindred of Cecil John Rhodes amongst others equally share ownership of the land of Zimbabwe. We must therefore out of necessity figure out a peaceful way of […]

Zimbabwe Prophecy by Cindy Jacobs

The river is going to flow through Zimbabwe and I see a powerful torrent of water, a mighty rushing torrent, many fish. I see that there are strongholds in the church of division and the accuser of the brethren is active to discourage souls. An army of women with the Deborah anointing will march across […]

Understanding Zimbabwe Reconciliation and Renewal

Introduction Summary Our Nation Zimbabwe is today plagued with challenges and brokenness. The challenge of our generation is therefore how to fix this brokenness and put the nation back onto the path of civilisation and sustainable development. Our starting point can only be an honest acknowledgement that our system is broken; and taking collective responsibility […]

Draft Dialogue Resolutions

Draft Dialogue Resolutions Zimbabwe Inclusive Dialogue Resolutions: For National Reconciliation and National Renewal Related Links

Dialogue Discussion Questions

Dialogue Discussion Questions Zimbabwe Inclusive Dialogue Questions for: National Reconciliation and National Renewal Related Links

Dialogue framework

Dialogue framework Inclusive Dialogue for National Reconciliation and Renewal Framework Introduction Zimbabwe is a nation which experienced a poor Independence transition after a long period of colonialism and cultural identity loss. The post-Independence years have been characterised by political violence, endemic corruption and greed, deception, fragmentation and polarisation. Service delivery has been worsening over the […]

Brief to the Zimbabwean Churches

Preamble Zimbabweans have experienced many challenges for a very long time. Greed, corruption, nepotism, bad stewardship and political violence have become endemic across the nation; mostly caused by very weak or broken public institutions. This has resulted in infrastructure disrepair, poor service delivery, economic decline and the associated poverty, destitution and all manner of hardships […]