1. I was the only state witness in an ealigned caee to the massacre in matabeleland.i investigated the incident thoroughly and interviewed the person who organised it and am upset at the way it has been covered up by the media and others turning it tribal and political.
    On interviewing Ted Sutton-Price, psychological warfare, Pretoria, having teas at his flat he related the operation to me. During the UDI war hec worked in Home Affairs in Rhodesia moving to SA at independence. He also negotiated jobs for his employees whos job it was to disrupt thev freedom fighters, ters as he called them.
    Concerned that independence would spread to SA he came up with a plan that was approved by the west and a MI6 individual he worked with.
    Mugabe had upset the west as he was trading with Russia, and they were interested in changing this.
    He trained around 1500 mercenaries in Botswana and Mozambique. Then they sent in his trained former employees to disupt the peace in Matabeleland. Mugabe would be left with no option but to send in the army andc as would not trust the integrated army he would send in the 5th Brigade.
    When the 5th Brigade reached Matabeleland his trained mercenaries would cross the border into Matabeleland on a culling mission. they would kill everyone when they reached the small band of 5th brigade the gunfire was suvch that the 5th brigade actually retreated.
    i questioned him that none would believe ac small band of the 5rth brigade could kill people all over matabeleland – hecreplied hr knows zimbabwe and their people are the most gullible in the world, they will believe anything in the press and thec press will blame Mugabe as thec journalists from UDI still work there.I asked about the lawyer fromm astherstone an cook,Simon Bull. and he said in Home Affairs he worked with many lawyers and his local operatives needed payment so he would send funds to the lawyersc from SA who in turn would make payment in local currency the case in which i was a state witness. This was reported on the front page of the herald as the largest foreign currency case in the history of Zimbabwe. i also confirmed the names of some of his local employees Peter Mandaza and others listed in the currency case.
    He ended byu say ing it wasc thecmost successful operation of his career everything went to plan, Mugabe didnt know what hsapprned and dumped Russia and commenced trading with the west. Shockingly, Mugabec was blamed until his death.
    Whilst a witness i noted that Mandaza got bail to stand in the Highfield election against Mugabe.
    i went to see Nkomo in his housec in Highfield where hecresided with hiss grandson at the time , he asked many questions and at the end i said i couldv not go through another war and should i ,leave Zimbabwe with my children. He thankeed me and said i should remain, I read he hadc sign the peace and reconciliation agreement and been given the post of VP – he invited me to his small office to thank me in the presidents office.
    Mathema joined government at the same time and he also knows the truth.
    After a lengthy discussion with him where he recommended Chief Justice Nare Chair of the commission he put his arm on my shoulder anfd asked why am i not afraid to die, he can think of at least 2000 people who would want to kill me to hide the truth. i answered the lord will tell me when it is my rime to die.
    He noted all nsmers down and said he would ask Pretoria for Ted Sutton-Prices file as hev wasthec only Ndebele commissioner and thec west part funded them.

  2. part 1

    Having written and given evidence already above i realised i had not shared how i came to investigate.
    I had a business in Msasa and a director wife phoned me in the evening in tears.
    i knew her quite well and that she was very religious and in the dutch reform church.
    She told me they had savings for her sons university education and thatb her husband had taken the money to exchange for rand with a local law firm saying it was guaranteed by the south african government and she thought it was a cont and i agreed that was strange and said i would speak to him and try to find out more.
    i went with him to speak to his contact who took me to another, and after many questions gave me his contact in south africas name Ted Sutton-Price As i was going to SA on a business trip i decided to check with security in SA.
    I failed as they wouldn’t give me information on how ro contact him. later in the hotel i looked his name up in the directory and phoned and spoke with his wife who invited me to their flat for tea after i explained i was from Zimbabwe.
    It was there he told me that the funds were genuine and what it was all about how they now needed funds to pay local zim orgsanisers.
    i have to say that i was upset afterwards that all the local law seemed concerned with was the foreign currency. i helped transport the local cash to the lawyers office at Atherstone and Cook.im have never seen so ,much cash in my life.
    When authorities became aware a warrant of arrest was issued for all senior partners later rescinded as according tt o the prosecutor they did not have enough experienced lawyers to take them on and , it was unlikely that psychological warfare would come to give evidence -the prosecutor was a coloured from Cape Town and after the case returned having done a good job in covering it up.
    For years i have tried to give evidence but the people lost interest when i said it wasn’t against Mugabe

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